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Making a Case for Sexuality Education
in India

The survey conducted by The Zero Period is a need assessment performed to understand the reality of sexuality education in India.

Baseline scenario of sexuality education in India

Experiences through self-discovery

Harassment during school years

Interdependence of various aspects of student-life
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Seema Bansal
Partner & Director, Boston Consulting Group

This report is a tremendous resource for CSE advocacy by other civil society organizations as well as government institutions to make a case for sexuality education in schools. 


Radhika Mittal
Director, Super School India

It is noteworthy that every observation made in the report is data-driven, which also helps in dispelling various myths and concerns around sex education.

Full report out now!

Disclaimer: This report contains statistical survey results and written content on gender-based bullying and harassment (page 30 & 31) sexual bullying (page 31) sexual experiences due to peer pressure (page 33) sexual harassment and sexual assault (page 34 & 35) and teacher bullying (page 36)

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