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Ways to Give

If you see our vision as the need of the hour, your contribution can make a huge difference in how our year unfolds. If you find our idea insightful and approach ambitious, check out the ways you can contribute to our work here and help us bring this to life. Your support is our launchpad.


You can help us most effectively by donating. Your donation will not only help bring our ideas to life, but also stand as proof of your individual support for making sexuality education in Indian schools a reality. Your money can be your voice in its advocacy. 


By Cheque

TZP welcomes donations by cheque. 


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As a Sexuality Educator

Are you a sexuality educator? If yes, we can use your skills and experience for our various offerings! 

As an active volunteer

 If sexuality education is an area of personal motivation for you, we can use your passion and skills to see how you can contribute as a volunteer for our wide-ranging work! 

Become a Sponsor


We believe that The Zero Period is a worthy cause that will do a great deal of good for many students. We’re excited to partner with organizations willing to support our venture, leading to substantial benefits in the short, medium, and long terms. Should you have any questions, or wish to discuss this project further, please drop us a message by filling the form:


Photo by Unplash

Want to become a sponsor? Contact us

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