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The Zero Period follows a year-long intervention with schools that has been designed keeping in mind the mission of sustainable change. By the end of the academic year, the student undergoing classroom sessions should feel equipped with the right knowledge, and the host teacher should feel confident in their ability to continue teaching all future students. For this, our intervention-year with the school includes the following programs:


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Teacher Sensitization Program

Teacher Ambassador Training


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Parent Workshops

Abuse Prevention Training

Menstrual Awareness Workshop


For sexuality education to become a success story in India, it's adoption cannot be one-time, or from the outside-in. The Zero Period stands out in its ambitious goal to enable change from within the schooling system, and making sure the primary intervention leaves a lasting impact.


The school is involved with us for an entire academic year. This helps ensure that the entire school system is exposed to this new change for an elongated period of time, making them more comfortable and normalizing the idea of sexuality education as a part of school education.

Year-long Intervention

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