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I am Barkha and I go by the pronouns she/her. After working for over three years in both corporate and social sector, I found my way to social entrepreneurship very organically. Sexuality Education, in particular, had always been a subject close to heart. The pandemic gave Bhumika and I a great opportunity to reconnect on causes that matter most to us, and that's how The Zero Period came into existence!

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My Story

For most of us, adolescent and teenage years came with innumerable challenges, and I was no exception to this phenomenon. I can recall times when I felt excrutiating embarassment if someone uttered the word "sex" or "periods", or bullied me for being fat, or peer-pressured me into doing things I didn't feel ready for. But what I did not know back then, was how common these things are! I always felt alone in my feelings, and ashamed to ask adults around me, as I feared their judgement and resentment.


Learning about our bodies, minds and the world can be a complex journey-- but it doesn't necessarily have to be! There is one solution to a range of problems growing children face, which is age-appropriate, medically accurate and non-judgemental sexuality education classes! Something that simple can change a child's life, and I understand its power now.

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